Research Interests

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CEMI major research interests:

  • Developing 3-D forward modeling methods for potential (gravity and magnetic) fields and for electromagnetic fields in the frequency domain and in the time domain;

  • Elaborating the rapid imaging algorithms for airborne, surface, and borehole gravity, gravity gradiometer, magnetic, and electromagnetic data;

  • Developing methods to detect regions of anomalous density, magnetic susceptibility, and conductivity associated with the mineral deposits;

  • Constructing effective multi-dimensional inversion schemes for airborne, surface, sea bottom, and borehole geophysical observations.

  • During last years our efforts were concentrated on developing three-dimensional forward modeling and inversion codes for different geophysical methods, including gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic surveys. There were a significant progress and remarkable new developments in all these areas.

  • Fast Forward Modeling

  • Regularized Focusing Inversion