2011 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section GM 1 - Processing and Inversion

3D inversion of full tensor magnetic gradiometry (FTMG) data -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Hongzhu Cai*, and Glenn A. Wilson

3D imaging of gravity gradiometry data from a single borehole using potential field migration -- Xiaojun Liu* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM 1 - Modeling and Inversion

Large-scale 3D inversion of EarthScope MT data from the area surrounding Yellowstone National Park -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Alexander V. Gribenko, and Martin Cuma*, Robert B. Smith and A. Marie Green

Joint 3D inversion of marine CSEM and MT data -- Alexander V. Gribenko* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section GM 2 - Applications and Field Studies

3D potential field migration for rapid imaging of gravity gradiometry data – A case study from Broken Hill, Australia, with comparison to 3D regularized inversion -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Martin Cuma, Le Wan*, Xiaojun Liu, and Glenn A. Wilson

Section EM 2 - Marine EM

3D inversion of towed streamer EM data: A model study of the Harding field and comparison to 3D CSEM inversion -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo*, Leif H. Cox, Noel Black, Alexander V. Gribenko, Martin Cuma, Glenn A. Wilson, Bruce A. Hobbs, and Ed Morris

Controlled sensitivities for marine CSEM surveys -- DaeUng Yoon* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM 3 – Land and Airborne EM

Lithological classification of large-scale 3D inversion of airborne electromagnetic, gravity gradiometry, and magnetic data: A case study from Reid-Mahaffy, Ontario -- Glenn A. Wilson*, Leif H. Cox, Stephen Fraser, Martin Cuma, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Marc A. Vallée

Section EM 4 – Reservoir Characterization

3D inversion of time-lapse CSEM data based on dynamic reservoir simulations of the Harding field, North Sea -- Noel Black*, Glenn A. Wilson, Alexander V. Gribenko, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Ed Morris

High-frequency induced polarization measurements of hydrocarbon-bearing rocks -- Vladimir Burtman*, Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, and Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen