2022 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EMRS 2 - Integrated Interpretation

Integrated 3D inversion of magnetotelluric and HeliTEM data collected in the geothermal area of Japan -- Gribenko, A.*, Cox, L., Jorgensen M., Zhdanov, M.S., Ikeya, M., and Y. Usui

Section GM 1 - Inversion Insights

3D inversion of QMAGT airborne magnetic gradiometry data for susceptibility and magnetization vector models of the Thompson Nickel Belt in Manitoba, Canada -- Jorgensen, M.*, Zhdanov, M.S., and B. Parsons

Section GM 2 - Nonstandard Applications in Potential Fields

3D joint Gramian inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry and magnetotelluric data for geothermal resource exploration  -- Zhdanov, M.S., Jorgensen, M.*, Gribenko, A., Ikeya, M., and Y. Usui