2019 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section GM P1 ‐ Examples and Methods for Potential Fields

Joint inversion of gravity gradiometry data by model-weighted clustering in logarithmic space -- Xu, Z.*, Wan, L., Han, M., Zhdanov, M. S., and Y. Mao

Section EMRS P1 - Marine Application

Least square migration of synthetic aperture data for towed streamer electromagnetic survey -- Tu, X.*, and M.S. Zhdanov

Section GM1 - Potential Fields Interpretation via Inversion and Modeling

Enhancing and sharpening the migration images of gravity field and its gradients -- Tu, X.*, and M. S. Zhdanov

Section MG P1 - New Methods and Case Histories

From airborne to effective-medium spectral IP mineral exploration: A case study in Saudi Arabia -- Zhdanov, M. S.*, Alfouzan, F., Cox, L. H., and A. Alotaibi

Inductive coupling in IP measurements and applications to 3D distributed array field data inversion -- Cox, L. H.*, Zhdanov, M. S., and F. Alfouzan