2020 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EMRS P1 - Modeling and Analysis

Feasibility study of reservoir monitoring in an onshore oil field using SQUITEM system -- Zhdanov, M.S., Cox, L.*, and A. Gribenko

Section EMRS P2 - Imaging Algorithms and Case Studies

Joint inversion of airborne electromagnetic and total magnetic intensity data using Gramian structural constraints: case study of the Reid-Mahaffy test site in Ontario, Canada -- Jorgensen, M.*, Cox, L., and M.S. Zhdanov

Section GMP1 - Using Magnetics

3D joint inversion of potential field data in the presence of remanent magnetization  -- Jorgensen, M.*, and M. S. Zhdanov

Section MP1 - Inversion Algorithms and Case Studies

Study of the Yellowstone crustal magmatic system with multiphysics data -- Tu, X.*, and M.S. Zhdanov

Joint Gramian inversion of geophysical data with different resolution capabilities -- Tu, X.*, and M.S. Zhdanov