2017 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section GM1 ‐ Inversion in Potential Fields

Joint inversion of seismic and gravity gradiometry data using Gramian constraints -- Wei Lin* and Michael Zhdanov

Section EM3 Imaging and Inversion

Regularized Gauss-Newton method of nonlinear geophysical inversion in the data space: Applications to 3D magnetotelluric inversion -- Alexander Gribenko* and Michael Zhdanov

Finite-element time-domain electromagnetic modeling with inducedpolarization effects using adaptive Padé series -- Hongzhu Cai* and Michael Zhdanov

Section EM4 ‐ Case Studies and Applications

3D inversion of the time-domain electromagnetic data for exploration of submarine hydrothermal deposits using the GEMTIP model -- Masashi Endo*, Leif Cox, David Sunwall, Michael S. Zhdanov and Eiichi Asakawa

Application of the optimal synthetic aperture for rapid imaging of towed streamer electromagnetic data acquired in the Barents Sea -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Daeung Yoon, Johan Mattsson, and Masashi Endo*