2010 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EM 1 - Inversion I

Multiple inversion scenarios for enhanced interpretation of marine CSEM data using iterative migration -- M. Cuma, G. A. Wilson, M. S. Zhdanov, E. P. Velikhov, N. Black, and A. Gribenko.

3D focusing regularized inversion of marine transient electromagnetic data: A case study from the Albehim field, North Sea -- B. Hobbs, M. S. Zhdanov, A. Gribenko, A. Paterson, G. A. Wilson, and C. Clarke.
3:10 PM

Section GM 1 - Gravity and Gradiometry

Rapid imaging of gravity gradiometry data using 2D potential field migration -- M. S. Zhdanov, X. Liu, and G. A Wilson

Section EM 2 - Inversion2

3D inversion of frequency-domain AEM surveys with a moving footprint -- L. H. Cox, G. A. Wilson, and M. S. Zhdanov

Efficient 3D inversion of MT data using the integral equation method and receiver footprint
approach: Application to the large-scale inversion of EarthScope MT data
A. Gribenko, A. M. Green, M. Cuma, and M. S. Zhdanov.

Section RP - 2 Laboratory Measurements

Advances in experimental research of induced polarization effect in reservoir rocks -- V. Burtman, A. Gribenko, and M. S. Zhdanov

Section SS 7 - State-of-the-art in Multidimensional Electromagnetics: In Honor of Gerald W. Hohmann

Advances in electromagnetic modeling based on integral equation methods and their application to 3D inversion of time-domain airborne data -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Leif H. Cox, and Glenn A. Wilson

Section EM 4 - EM for Reservoir Characterization

3D inversion of time-lapse CSEM data for reservoir surveillance -- N. Black, G. A. Wilson, A. Gribenko, and M. S. Zhdanov

Removal of the airwave effect on MCSEM data by separation of the main part of the anomalous field -- S. Wang, and M. S. Zhdanov

Section EM 5 - Theory and Applications

Hybrid method for 3D modeling of electromagnetic fields in complex structures with inhomogeneous background conductivity -- M. Endo, X. Liu, and M. S. Zhdanov