2012 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EM P1 ‐ Electromagnetics

Spectral induced polarization effect in unconventional reservoir rocks -- Vladimir Burtman*, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Haiyan Fu

Section RC E‐P1 ‐ Seismic Inversion and Influencing Parameters

3D inversion of borehole to surface electromagnetic data in a multiple reservoir survey -- Albert F. Marsala*, Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, and Noel Black

Section GM 1 ‐ Modeling and Inversion

Inversion of gravity data in the Big Bear Lake Area to recover depth to basement using Cauchy‐type integrals -- Hongzhu Cai* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM E‐P1 ‐ Applied Inversions and Workflows

Anisotropic inversion of MCSEM data based on the integral equation method -- Alexander Gribenko* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM 1 ‐ Modeling Developments and Acquisition Studies

An optimal synthetic aperture method for the creation of directional sensitivity and removal of the airwave effect in MCSEM data -- Daeung Yoon* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section MG 1 ‐ Case Histories

Joint inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry and magnetic data from the Lac de Gras region of the Northwest Territories of Canada -- Yue Zhu*, Martin Cuma, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Yuri Kinakin

Section EM 2 ‐ Developments in Inversion Techniques

3D airborne electromagnetic inversion using a hybrid edge‐based FE‐IE method with moving sensitivity domain -- Leif Cox* and Michael S. Zhdanov