2018 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section GM1 ‐ Numerical Interpretation

Joint multinary inversion of gravity and magnetic data using Gramian constraints -- Wei Lin and Michael Zhdanov*

Joint iterative migration of surface and borehole gravity gradiometry data -- Muran Han*, Le Wan, and Michael S. Zhdanov

Joint inversion of multimodal data using focusing stabilizers and Gramian constraints -- Michael S. Zhdanov and Martin Cuma*

Section GM2 Interpretation and Data Considerations

Feasibility study of gravity gradiometry monitoring of CO2 sequestration in deep reservoirs using surface and borehole data -- Le Wan*, Muran Han, Hassan Ali AlJanobi, and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section MP1 Imaging and Inversion

Joint 3D inversion of gravity and MT data using Gramian constraints: A case study from Yellowstone -- Michael Jorgensen* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Integrated interpretation of multimodal geophysical data for exploration of geothermal resources Case study: Yamagawa geothermal field in Japan -- Masashi Endo*, Alex Gribenko, David Sunwall, Mishael S. Zhdanov, Takuya Miura, Hisako Mochinaga, Naoshi Aoki, and Takuji Mouri

Section EM2 Theory

Robust optimal synthetic aperture imaging of towed streamer electromagnetic data -- Xiaolei TU* and Michael S. Zhdanov