2012 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EM 1 - Theory and Forward Modeling Developments

Redatuming borehole-to-surface electromagnetic data using Stratton-Chu integral transforms -- Michael S. Zhdanov and Hongzhu Cai*

Section MG P1 – Case Histories and New Developments

3D inversion of AirMt AFMAG data -- Alexander V. Gribenko*, Michael S. Zhdanov,Jean Legault, Shengkai Zhao, Leif H. Cox, Glenn A. Wilson, and Keith Fisk

Section GM P1 – Exploring with Gravity and Magnetics

A new method of terrain correcting airborne gravity gradiometry data using 3D Cauchy-type integrals -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Glenn A. Wilson, and Xioajun Liu*

Section EM 2 - Inversion Developments

3D lithological inversion of geophysical data -- Leif H. Cox*, Glenn A. Wilson, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Julian Vrbancich

Section GM E-P1 – Applied Interpretation Techniques

3D magnetization vector inversion for SQUID-based full tensor magnetic gradiometry -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Martin Čuma*, Glenn A. Wilson, and Louis Polomé

Section EM 3 – Data Processing and Case Histories

The first practical 3D inversion of towed streamer EM data from the Troll field trial -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Martin Cuma, Masashi Endo*, Leif H. Cox, Glenn A. Wilson, and Johnathan Linfoot

Section MG 1 – New Methods and Developments

Laboratory-based GEMTIP analysis of spectral IP data for mineral discrimination -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Vladimir Burtman, Masashi Endo, and Glenn A. Wilson