2012 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EM 1 - Modeling Developments and Acquisition Studies

Redatuming of borehole-to-surface electromagnetic data at the Kevin Dome exploration site -- Hongzhu Cai* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM 2 – Developments in Inversion and Interpretation

Large-scale 3D integral equation based inversion of EarthScope MT data using a variable sensitivity domain -- Martin Cuma, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Alexander V. Gribenko*

New approach to 3D inversion of MCSEM and MMT data using multinary model transform -- Alexander V. Gribenko* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Joint 3D inversion of time- and frequency-domain airborne electromagnetic data -- David Sunwall*, Leif Cox, and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section GM 2 – Inversion and Gradiometry

Inversion of gravity and gravity gradiometry data for density contrast surfaces using Cauchy-type integrals -- Michael S. Zhdanov and Hongzhu Cai*

Gramian constraints in the joint inversion of airborne gravity gradiometry and magnetic data -- Yue Zhu*, Michael S. Zhdanov, and Martin Čuma

Section EM 3 - Marine Modeling Studies

Feasibility study of the marine electromagnetic remote sensing (MEMRS) method for near-shore exploration -- Daeung Yoon* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section GM P1 – Processing Techniques and Case Studies

Iterative migration of gravity and gravity gradiometry data -- Le Wan* and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section RC 4 – Rock Physics-Based Characterization

Feasibility study of electromagnetic monitoring of CO2 sequestration in deep reservoirs -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, Noel Black*, Lee Spangler, Stacey Fairweather, Andrew Hibbs, George A. Eiskamp, and Robert Will