2016 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section GM1 ‐ Gravity, Magnetic and Gradient Inversion

3D inversion of gravity and gravity gradiometry data using multinary transformation of the model parameters -- Wei Lin* and Michael Zhdanov

Section EM1 Imaging and Inversion

Large-scale parallel 3D inversion of frequency and time-domain AEM data -- Martin Cuma*, Leif Cox, and Michael Zhdanov

3D inversion of the towed streamer EM data using the seismic constraints -- Michael Zhdanov, Masashi Endo*, David Sunwall, Martin Cuma, Jenny-Ann Malmberg, Tashi Tshering, Allan McKay, and Jonathan Midgley

Rapid imaging of towed streamer EM data for reconnaissance offshore exploration using the optimal synthetic aperture method -- Michael Zhdanov, Daeung Yoon*, Johan Mattsson

Section MG2 ‐ Case Histories

Effective-medium inversion of induced-polarization data for mineral exploration and mineral discrimination: Case study for the copper deposit in Mongolia -- Michael Zhdanov, Masashi Endo*, Vladimir Burtman, Martin Cuma, Leif Cox, David Sunwall

Section EM P1 ‐ Physics, Processing, and Modeling

Effective-medium modeling of the induced-polarization effect in multiphase artificial mineral rocks -- Wei Lin*, Vladimir Burtman, Michael Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, Shinichi Takakura

Section MG P1 ‐ Case Histories and New Developments

Complex resistivity of mineral rocks in the context of the generalized effective-medium theory of the IP effect -- Vladimir Burtman*, Michael Zhdanov, Wei Lin, Masashi Endo

Section GM E-P1 ‐ Interpretive Methods

Joint iterative migration of surface and borehole gravity gradiometry data -- Le Wan*, Muran Han, Michael Zhdanov