2015 SEG abstracts presented by CEMI

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Section EM P1 ‐ Electromagnetics 1

Feasibility study of application of nanoparticles in complex resistivity reservoir monitoring -- Vladimir Burtman*, Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, and Alberto Marsala

3D inversion of regional MT data distorted by near-surface inhomogeneities using a complex distortion matrix -- Alexander Gribenko* and Michael S. Zhdanov

3D joint inversion of magnetotelluric and magnetovariational data to image conductive anomalies in southern Alberta, Canada -- Michael Jorgensen*, Martin Cuma, and Michael S. Zhdanov

Section EM E‐P1 ‐ Marine

Advanced 3D imaging of complex geoelectrical structures using towed streamer EM data -- Michael S. Zhdanov, Masashi Endo, David Sunwall*, Johan Mattsson

Section EM 1 ‐ Modeling

A hybrid finite difference and integral equation method for modeling and inversion of marine CSEM data -- Daeung Yoon*, Michael Zhdanov, Hongzhu Cai, and Alexander Gribenko

Section EM P2 ‐ Electromagnetics 2

Three-dimensional parallel edge-based finite element modeling of electromagnetic data with field redatuming -- Hongzhu Cai*, Martin Cuma, and Michael Zhdanov

Section EM E‐P2 ‐ Creative and Unconventional Techniques

GEMTIP inversion of complex resistivity data using a hybrid method based on a genetic algorithm with simulated annealing and regularized conjugate gradient method -- Wei Lin*, Michael Zhdanov, Vladimir Burtman, and Alexander Gribenko

Section EM 2 ‐ Inversion

Joint inversion of airborne magnetic and electromagnetic data: Case study in the Northwest Territories of Canada -- Yue Zhu*, Michael Zhdanov, and Martin Cuma 

Magnetotelluric inversion for depth-to-basement estimation -- Hongzhu Cai and Michael Zhdanov

Section GM E-P1 ‐ Case Histories and applications

Inversion of TMI data for the magnetization vector using Gramian constraints -- Yue Zhu*, Michael Zhdanov, and Martin Cuma